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If you’re looking for a law firm to help you fight a traffic ticket, or if you’ve been charged with a CDL violation, we are here to help.

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We’ve helped hundreds of people deal with their traffic tickets and we can help you. Call us today to learn how.

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We can help you keep tickets off your driving record so your insurance rates don’t skyrocket. Our clients all agree—it’s worth hiring a lawyer rather than paying the increased insurance premiums.

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Speeding Tickets

Most of our clients say that getting a speeding ticket is the only time they’ve been in trouble with the law. Don’t just pay your speeding ticket–there is a way for you to take responsibility for your actions without hurting your wallet.

CDL Violations

Have you been charged with a route violation, load overweight/unsecured violation, or some other CDL infraction? We will provide the best defense possible and work to get your violation dropped or reduced.

It’s happened to all of us. You’re cruising along in your car, lost in thought, when suddenly you hear a siren and see flashing lights in your rearview mirror. It’s a police officer, and they’re signaling for you to pull over. You flip your turn-indicator and begin to slowly pull off to the side of the road. Great-another traffic ticket!

Traffic tickets, whether they are for speeding or for some other minor traffic violation, can sharply increase your car insurance rates and affect your driving record. In Washington, if you receive too many tickets you will be flagged as a “problem” driver and you’ll risk losing your license.

Receiving too many tickets is also a big problem if you hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL). If you’re a truck driver or a school bus driver and you have your license suspended because of one-too-many speeding tickets, you could lose your ability to earn a living.

If you live in eastern Washington and are concerned about the number of traffic tickets you’ve received, contact us today. We’ve handled hundreds of traffic violations and we can handle yours as well. We can help protect your driving record and preserve your insurance rates today!

Thank You!

Christal did a wonderful job for me. I’m not sure how I managed to get 3 speeding tickets, but she took care of everything, and in the end, I was really happy with the results. If I had to do everything over again, I would not hesitate for a second to repeat my decision to hire her. I would defin…

Quick and Easy!

Thank you Christal for being super easy to work with and very speedy! I appreciate all your help with taking care of my ticket all from long distance! You are the best! If anyone out there needs assistance with a ticket, here’s your help!

Amazing Experience!

Christal was amazing. She was very prompt in helping me handle my case. Christal asked me what I hoped she would be able to do for me, and I explained that I would like the ticket to not go on my record. Christal not only did what she said, but she went way beyond my expectations and got the case…

The majority of our clients are from Adams County (Ritzville), Lincoln County, Spokane County, Stevens County, and Whitman County. If your ticket is from another county in Eastern Washington or North Idaho, give us a call. Maybe we can help!