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I was speeding, can you still help me?

Yes we can help you. Honestly, the majority of our clients were speeding. But, they called us because they wanted to protect their driving record so their insurance premiums wouldn’t be significantly increased. Most of our clients are happy with the outcome we were able to get for them. If you have a good driving record, we can probably help you too.

If I was speeding, shouldn’t I just pay the ticket?

Many people pay a ticket because they want to take responsibility for their actions. We believe there’s a way for you to take responsibility for your speeding ticket without incurring long term consequences for your driving record and your wallet.

Is a speeding ticket a criminal charge?

No. Speeding tickets are not criminal charges.

Why should I hire an attorney?

We’ve handled hundreds of tickets, so we know what to look for in the police affidavit, the SMD certificate, and other paperwork that the prosecutor provides.

We know how to work with the prosecutor and the court system to make the best arguments and get the best outcome for you. Also, because we would represent you, you wouldn’t have to attend your court hearing. We cover that for you. That means you don’t need to take time off of work to sit in court for an hour or longer, find someone to watch your kids if court goes long, or drive hours and hundreds of miles if you don’t live in the county where you were cited. We save you time and money and handle the ticket for you.

Is it really worth paying an attorney to help me?

We think so! And so do our clients! A speeding ticket can make your insurance premiums go up because it indicates to your insurance company that you are a riskier driver to insure. S

Also we’ve talked to many other drivers who say: “I wish I knew about you the last time I got a ticket! I couldn’t believe how much my insurance went up. Paying you would have been a better deal. If I get another ticket, I’m glad I know who to call.” Now, everyone’s situation is different but we’ve had many similar conversations. So, at least anecdotally, people think we’re worth it.

What counties do you handle traffic infractions in?

The majority of speeding tickets we fight are from Adams County (Ritzville), Lincoln County, Spokane County, Stevens County, and Whitman County. We do handle cases in some other counties as well. If you need a traffic ticket attorney, give us a call. If we can’t help, we may be able to refer you to a good attorney who can.